The story of the Plastic Elastolin Miniature
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Preiser still offers a small series of painted 7 cm Elastolin figures. Also the firm Barthel offers Elastolin, newly made figures and has a new range. Problem with this firm is that ordering and especially receiving orders outside Germany customers is very poor.
There are some new (German) firms who offer figures that look similar to the old Elastolin figures. They claim to work in the tradition of Hausser.
Germania Figuren had its own series of 4 and 7 cm figures. From Alexander the Great towards modern personalities. But since some years they stopped producing them. An other firm was Janetzki-arts. They also had an own line of figures. They were specialized in Prince Valliant. For some time the also stopped producing.
A rather new firm is Diedhoff in Germany with a small range of Elastolin look a likes
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