The story of the Plastic Elastolin Miniature
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There are three or four kinds of painted figures, canons and siege equipment.

Variation 1
The firts plastic figures were made of ivory white plastic. First the body parts were coloured. Then the clothes and weapons were painted. After this was finished the paint was slightly washed off. In the deeper parts of the figures the paint was still there. In this way you got ‘washed’ or in German Wachser figures.  These ‘Wachser’ are very rare.

Variation 2
The next group of figures were first also ivory white and some years later pink or brown.  The body parts were now much thicker painted than variation 1 and they were no longer ‘washed’.  The clothes were sometimes washed and there were shadow parts painted. This was done until 1965.

Variation 3
All the figures of this variation were made of plastic with a skin colour plastic. The body parts were no longer painted which was much cheaper. These figures were made until the end of the firm Hausser.  

New Preiser figure
These are again made of white plastic. Preiser brings a small variation of the old Elastolin figures. They are sold in small boxes under the name of Preiser. You can find them in the better toyshops.
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